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    This whole thing fell to luck, really. I happened to check my email in Orlando when we were on the Florida Trail and see an email from a woman who said she was with Woman’s Day magazine. Apparently she’d found a photo of a tomato of mine from a few years ago and wanted permission to use it in a special issue called Woman’s Day Garden and Outdoor Living. I was a bit suspicious so I did some Googling and found out that she was completely legit. I figured she might need a full res photo or something so I emailed her back and gave her my number since I…

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    Awaiting Spring at Tandy Hills

    Chris and I ventured to Tandy Hills on Friday to check on the trout lilies for the season. While we did find a lot of the plants up and growing, we didn’t find a single bloom. We couldn’t decide if we were too late or a bit early, even though last year we saw blooms at about two weeks prior to this time. So, who knows? It has been dry this year so perhaps a rain event would trigger some blooms? If not, I guess I will have to wait until next year. I didn’t leave empty handed photograph wise, though. We did find a few flowers poking out and…

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    MS = Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve It

    Meet one of my best friends Michelle. We go back to some point in time during the summer of 1998 while cruising in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. Then we went to college together for a couple of years, weathered some weird patches, and now she’s married with a nearly three year old girl in east Texas. Two years ago after the birth of Kylen she started having some vision problems in addition to some other health issues that lead to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. MS is a disease affecting the central nervous system which means it can affect movement and the use of all sorts of…

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    Spring Link Roundup

    Things are starting to flush out in green here and a few things are blooming. However, it is very dry here and we need some rain to get more spring wildflowers growing here in Texas. Flower photos to come! First up, I added a widget that allows you to bookmark a blog posting in a social networking site or to email it. It will be at the very end of a post. Yes, I know I am decades behind in this trend, but I thought it would be very useful for the posts that are most interesting (I’m hoping there are some!). So, there ya go! And a few links…

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    I went by the plot today to check on how things were going. The last we’d seen were that the carrots were up and the potatoes were thriving. This is the shed where anyone in the garden can use tools and organic fertilizers and pesticides. It is super organized with printed recipes for making the pesticides or fertilizers, too. My mom’s onions have been up for awhile and are doing great. We’ve got five tomato plants that we bought from the store. Chris got a bit overzealous with some orange oil for bug prevention and the next day two tomatoes looked to bite the dust. So, he replaced them a…

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    Zooing with Zoe

    Wee little Zoe loves the zoo and we love taking her! We went out for a little adventure last week with Mimi and Uncle Chris so she could see all the animals. Her favorites included the elephants, giraffes, penguins, alligators and crocodiles. An elephant enjoying a dirt bath! Enamored with the crocodiles! I’m kinda surprised she likes them so much! Sharing a drink with Mimi. Spring is coming!! Looking at the gazelle’s. We initially walked by them and then she got excited and had to go back and check them out. I didn’t take a lot of photos and was much more in the moment instead. I’m just amazed at…

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    365 Photos: Days 2,3,4

    For the record, I’ve been horrible are remembering to take photos every day, so these aren’t consecutive days. I’ll try harder. African penguin, Fort Worth Zoo Tech specs: ISO 1600, f/8, 1/20sec, 55mm Miniature rose Tech specs: ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/250sec, 55mm Leaves in the pond Tech: ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/100sec, 100mm

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    Looking for Guinea Pigs!

    Now that I am finally getting back into ‘normal life’ again we are ready to start doing more with our photography and Wildscape Photo. That means that we are available to take fine art photography orders, talk to people interested in stock photography and also to start scheduling portrait sessions! There are some business aspects we are still working on but plan to have done soon, like fully registering as a business, getting a tax id number and all the other little legal paper aspects associated with having a business. I’m sure we will be small for awhile, but wouldn’t it be grand if we could make a living taking…

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    A Conversation

    First off, it should be said that since we have come home from the Florida Trail Zoe has been much more interested in Uncle Chris than before we left. I am pretty sure this is because he plys her with sugar. Alas, she has taken to wanting to do everything with “Both you guys!” Or rather “Bofh you guys!” Last week sometime I was sprawled out on the floor of my parents living room, Chris was at the kitchen table working on some fishing lures and Zoe was standing next to the glass door to the back yard wanting us to go outside. She’d just said she wanted to outside…