Finished Works—Crochet

I started these socks back in September with hopes of finishing them up for fall. That didn’t happen. Well, actually they were done before Christmas but I didn’t sew the toes up. It took another 1,000 miles of hiking for me to get around to that. So, here they are, finished and complete, but gigantic. […]

Plot Happenings

Not our onion, someone else’s but it was too pretty to pass up. Several seedlings are getting their second leaves: The carrots… the dill… and the cilantro! Thinning out the okra… and the unlucky ones plucked out. A few of the plants that will give us the beautiful fruit that we’ll make into gumbo or […]

Gayle’s Garden

After a year without a garden Chris and I now have two. Kinda. Our parents are kindly letting us help them with their garden, but I think they are rather enjoying the free labor. Ok, I suppose it is our due since we are enjoying room and board at each of their homes, but at […]

Consumption and Conservation

Chris’ mom and step-dad have Netflix via their Wii and we’ve been watching a few movies from that lately. My brother also only has Netflix for his tv now, something Chris and I will probably be doing when we settle down again. We never paid for cable other than the very basic stations in conjunction […]

Florida Trail Tales 3: SR 60 to US 192

As we left River Ranch I noticed the sky had clouded over a bit. We had a road walk to connect to another road walk, this time we were headed for S.R. 60, listed in the book as being incredibly full of traffic and quite dangerous to walk on because of a narrow shoulder and […]

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