Texas Wildflowers: Castilleja indivisa, Texas/Indian paintbrush

The first in a series on Texas wildflowers.

The commonly known Indian Paintbrush is almost as famous as it’s wildflower friend the Texas Bluebonnet. The bright red of the paintbrush is usually in a field alongside of its more popular friend. The red and blue are a symbol that spring has definitely arrived in Texas!

three paintbrushes
This native annual can be grown from seed in your own yard if you so wanted. The red of the plant is actually not the flower but bracts surrounding the smaller, less conspicuous flower.

magenta paintbrush
In the field we photographed we found a magenta variety in the mix…
*later edit*: I actually think this might be Castilleja purpurea, prairie paintbrush.

peach paintbrush
and also a lighter, peach shade too. I’ll be on the look out for an alba variety as well!

*Above originally written before we found the alba variety*

alba blanket 2
We spotted these on Tx175 near Athens in a median. A few more were spotted further along the roadside.

alba blanket 1

indian blankets

Chris getting down and dirty for some good photos!

If you are interested in a print from the series, please contact me at oceanicwilderness at gmail.com

More information on the Texas paintbrush:
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Texas Natives
Get your own!

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4 thoughts on “Texas Wildflowers: Castilleja indivisa, Texas/Indian paintbrush

  1. chel says:

    Those peach colored paintbrushes are simply divine- SO lovely!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My first elementary school, right down the road from where I grew up, is surrounded by fields that end up blanketed with these. It’s lovely.

    Beautiful photos.

  3. Mom says:

    I want those in my yard!!!!

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