Around The Yard | Late November

The leaves are falling in droves now. When gusts of wind come through the leaves rain down covering the grass in some areas rather thickly. Sometimes there are ducks on the pond, lately there is a lone great white egret hanging out. The feral cats still follow us around the yard, entertaining us with their antics.

Our newly planted almond verbena is offering up delicious smells in the side yard.

Isis (the muted tortie) and Ruby (or it could be Fred, her dad. They look similar from a distance) on a downed pine log, followed me while I watered the azaleas.





Momma makes an appearance every now and then, sometimes bringing along one or two of the calicoes. Her other two stay at the neighbor’s house I suppose as I haven’t seen them in months.


It is time to start eating mustard and collard greens….starting tonight!

The handsome Mr. Stripey….this cat is talkative and sweet. If he was an indoor cat I think he’d fit in with Samson and Leo.



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  • chel

    I so need to do this. My garden is sort of on autopilot (which is awesome, but it also allows me to spend a tiny bit less time in there) so I haven’t been “in the thick” as much. I have been admiring it from afar. I looked out this morning and there were FIVE blooms on my tiny hibiscus so I definitely want to go and see them today and try and take a few photos.

  • Gayle Bicik

    Love the leaf pics!! Beautiful color up here too. My bald cypress is dropping its “leaves” – lots! Burr oaks are about bare.

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