35 Weeks | I Have Pachyderm Feet

The view here from 35 weeks of pregnancy is one of anticipation mixed with equal parts back aches, bladder pressure, wretched heartburn, and feet and legs that are slowly resembling an elephant’s. My other go-to comparison for my legs and feet are tree trunks with root flares. I longingly look outside at the things that […]

100 Happy Days: Days 59-65

Day 59: Spent the evening semi-organizing the baby’s room, discussing blankets and how many to keep out/where to put them. Day 60: Hung some wall art in the baby’s room. Get your own here. Day 61: One of the many treat times with the boys! Day 62: Went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital…learned […]

100 Happy Days: Days 48-58

Day 48: Figs starting to ripen! Day 49: Passiflora lutea Day 50: Samson…such a sweet boy. Day 51: Starting to harvest the figs! Day 52: No photo. Day 53: No photo. Day 54: My birthday present to myself from the clearance rack at REI. So comfortable! Day 55: More figs! Day 56: Me and my […]

Mid-July Blooms

I’ve been patiently waiting for the Texas Star Hibiscus, Hibiscus coccineus to bloom. As it is a hibiscus and incredibly tasty to the palate of deer, I managed to ‘hide’ a few plants near the house on the side garden behind a some other plants. This paid off in great growth from the hibiscus and […]

January at Westcave Preserve

I finally got around to finishing this video I shot back in January when Chris and I were in Austin. I’m having serious outdoor exploration withdrawls these days—the heat paired with being pregnant and unable/not feeling up to hike and get out of town has me missing this kind of stuff. Good thing my yard […]

False Dragonhead Blooms

For the last month these blooms have been brightening up the flower bed directly in front of the house. We have at least two separate plants, one labeled Physostegia correllii and one labeled Physostegia digitalis corellii, but we believe they are both considered to be the Corell’s false dragonhead, which is a rare and endangered […]

100 Happy Days: Days 35-47

Day 35: No photo… Day 36: A little hidden treasure in the baby’s closet. Day 37: A small shower for the baby held by my friend Erika (far right) with two of my friends from college. Good times and great cake! Day 38: The beggar bunny, Samson. Day 39: Harvested the garlic and it actually […]

32 Weeks | I Can Still Touch My Toes

…without bending my knees! That’s an accomplishment, if I do say so myself! It’s nearly mid-July, not quite midsummer. When folks found out my due date was very early September everyone was all “Summer! Pregnant in the summer is going to be miserable!” Well, it hasn’t necessarily been miserable but it has definitely put a […]

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