Ahh, The Beach

Even if it was just a 15 minute walk last weekend, it was glorious to walk on the beach. It’s Friday and a holiday weekend here in the U.S. My plans are to go see a movie, do some driving around, maybe some final baby shopping, sleep, and see if I can convince the baby […]

It’s a Jungle

Late last week I managed to walk around the garden and check out everything in bloom. Despite the garden being overgrown and weedy, there’s quite a bit blooming. In addition, there’s a lot of wildlife flitting about in the form of bees, dragonflies, butterflies, lizards, frogs, and toads. So despite my thinking the garden horrendous, […]

100 Happy Days | Days 80-91

Day 80: No photo…There were a lot of no photo days this time around. Day 81: Teddy’s closet is done! Day 82: No photo. Day 83: Small harvest from what was left of the tomatoes. Day 84: The new car just after we signed the papers! Day 85: Black and blue salvia blooming in the […]

Looking Forward | Post-Baby Products

Last week I said I would talk about some of the products I’m looking forward to trying post-pregnancy. Here’s a run-down of some of them. Bumgenius Freetime cloth diapers: This is probably the biggest product of all that I’m looking forward to trying. We won’t be starting the cloth diapering until the baby’s meconium has […]

As The Weeds Grow

This part of the garden is scary. The path is full of weeds and weeds have overtaken the some sections of the garden. Nevermind that the armadillos showed back up sometime last week and did some more jacking up of the garden. Ah, how nice it will be to bend down to pick up weeds […]

37 Weeks: How are you feeling?

The inevitable first trimester question has returned with a vengence. How are you feeling? is the question of the day, hour, week, month, no matter if we just talked to or saw the person asking the question the day before. I get why people ask, they are interested in how things are going and are […]

100 Happy Days: Days 66-79

Day 66: The candy lilies bloomed! Day 67: Forgot to take a photo. Day 68: Lots of progress on the guest bedroom! Go Chris! Day 69: Forgot to take a photo. Day 70: Hanging with Samson on the stairs, one of his favorite spots in the house. He was already on his downhill turn at […]

That’s not a golden lotus!

Sometime back in the fall or even last summer Chris’ dad brought us a banana tree from his yard that was supposed to be a golden lotus banana, a pup from one of the plants that we had given him back when we lived in Florida. In our garden in Florida we had several varieties […]

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