Busy, Busy, Little Bee

Last year’s Halloween was a bit last minute. I scrambled at Target to find a Tigger outfit when most of the other costumes were gone. This year I planned earlier and started looking in September. We ended up settling on a bee costume this year and not long after I thought about having Chris and […]

Currently | Mid-October

+In My Head FINALLY! The weather has cooled off, the sun has changed positions…it’s FALL! Ok, so, there might have been some mid 90* days in the last few weeks but in general it feels like Fall! That said, I’m now wondering where this year went. It seems like once July hit that the accelerator […]

Fall Camping | The Unseen Scenes

The last camping trip we went on was back in the spring at Brazos Bend State Park. Summer came and we were thoroughly busy but it was also too hot for enjoying the outdoors much. About a month ago Chris and I sat down and made a bunch of camping reservations for the fall and […]

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