October 2021 Rewind

October felt long, didn’t it? Maybe it was just me, but the month was hectic and slow at the same time. Some weeks it felt as if we were go-go-go and other weeks crawled. Halloween has come and gone and Forest was a Minecraft player—seen here without his sword and hat! This was a last […]

September 2021 Rewind

We kicked off September with Forest’s birthday. He’s at such a fun age right now where his imagination is running wild and he’s still in a silly little kid phase. I love it! Earlier in the month I found two Passiflora incarnata fruit around the corner from the house. I sowed seeds of one of […]

August 2021 Rewind

The first of August and the end of August seem like entirely different years. I came home from my weekend away from friends and peered out the window in the stairwell and thought the garden was looking lovely. That tropical cactus makes me so happy when I see it and it is growing like crazy […]

July 2021 Rewind

It’s feels like the first of July was in one year and the end of it was in another. What a long month it was! Apparently at the first of the month I was hanging out with a toad friend from the yard. Thank goodness for photos because I had completely forgotten about this happening! […]

June 2021 Rewind

June blew by and July feels like it is on the precipice of doing the same. But the month started of with cuddles with the cats and has continued as the cats have gotten more used to us since moving into the house in April. Early in June, Forest’s school district had a reading event […]

May 2021 Rewind

My online friend Danielle at Suwannee Rose does these lovely monthly wrap-up posts for the month, such as April In Bloom. So, I’m going to borrow her idea and replicate that here for a few months until I get the inspiration to write again more. I’ve actually had the inkling to post a few times […]

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