Bird Butts, A Swim and a Gigantic Cypress

More from our work adventures. Only a few more days out here in the Big Thicket. We came across a similar nest last week but didn’t get a photo. This time we stopped to peek in… There were bird butts in there! The term ‘bird butts’ stems from ‘pony butt’ a baby pony we met […]

How to Hug a Tree.

First: Find a big tree. Yes, that is a leg you see up top. A coworker climbed it…he was daring, I was not. Second: Get up close. Wrap your arms around it. Third: Don’t forget that it might dwarf you. We found our largest tree so far, at least I think so…we’ve seen some rather […]

Argiope aurantia juvenile | Black and Yellow Argiope

I’m not looking forward to these spiders getting larger, they seem to get bigger by the day. We keep walking into their webs on an hourly basis, thankfully Chris is the web walker most days. Took me a bit to figure out which spider this was because it was a juvenile but I found a […]

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