How to Hug a Tree.

First: Find a big tree. Yes, that is a leg you see up top. A coworker climbed it…he was daring, I was not. Second: Get up close. Wrap your arms around it. Third: Don’t forget that it might dwarf you. We found our largest tree so far, at least I think so…we’ve seen some rather […]

Swamp Work Part III

Similar posts: Swamp Work & More Swamp Work. More happenings in the woods and swamps of SE Texas: So, I love my job, even when I’m wading in chest deep water. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Luckily we didn’t see any alligators or water moccasins! You know it’s a good day when […]

Texas Wildflowers: Vicia villosa, vetch

I feel fairly certain that this is Vicia villosa, though I am up for someone informing me otherwise. It was growing with the pinkroot and clematis near the Big Thicket. While there are native vetches, this one is a non-native introduced from Europe and has now naturalized across a lot of the U.S. One website […]

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