A Tandy Hills Evening

A few weeks ago we went for an evening walk at Tandy Hills to scope out some Passiflora lutea that had been mislabeled as Clematis pitcheri in a TH newsletter. I got the general locale for the vine so I could verify in person and sure enough we found the plants and many, many more! […]

Prairie Fest 2011 Recap

It’s been over a week since Prairie Fest happened and I’m just now getting around to blogging it, but here it is! It was a gorgeous day, albeit windy, but still beautiful. Storms plagued the evening, but we were there during the pre-lunch hours so it was great during that time. The place was crawling […]

Swamp Creatures

Today we had an amazing animal day despite our really crappy day of trying to get to our points to collect data. We ended up waist deep in thick floton (floating plant matter) in some areas and it was not pleasant. Sometime floton is thick enough to actually walk on, carefully, but this kind was […]

More Swamp Work

Where Chris and I are working reminds us a bit of a mix of the Everglades, which I think mentioned in the last Swamp Work post. It isn’t common to walk through thickets of cut grass, getting cut up by it as we walk through. And then there is the mud slogging. Sometimes we’re able […]

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