2010 in Review

In January:
more blue pins
I learned how to use the reverse lens technique for taking macro photos—my newest obsession!

I finished Ashleigh’s blanket a mere few days before she arrived.

And then the little bit was born at 1lb 1oz on January 21st. Photo from my brother and SIL. It seems like so long ago but yesterday, too.

dinner island sunset 4
We took our final trip to Dinner Island WMA with Kathy and Randy.

In February:

We took our last trip to Fakahatchee Strand to see the Cranichis mucosa orchid way out in the boonies of the park.

ghost 2
We went to see the ghost orchids for the last time in Little Slough.

We left Florida and moved back to Texas

I met Ashleigh

Had snowball fights in east Texas with friends.

Got ready for the AT

In March:

Found Trout Lilies at Tandy Hills.

Made it to Springer Mountain via the 8 mile Approach Trail at Amicalola Falls State Park. Froze our butts off.

Really Froze on Blood Mountain

In April:

Entering Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Made it Smoky Mountain National Park

Chris and Misti on Max Patch at Sunset
Camped on Max Patch Bald

Made it to Virginia

In May:

Misti and her Dad - Sunset @ Rice Field Shelter
Dad came to hike with us.

Ashleigh left us for a better place.

Came home for five days to say goodbye to Ashleigh.

Goofed off on McAfee Knob

Saw way too many bears in Shenandoah National Park

Told Virginia goodbye after 500+ miles.

Met Meghan and Jesse at the mental halfway point of the Trail.

In June:

Breezed through Maryland in about two days.

Was halfway done with the Trail

Managed to survive Pennsylvania

8th wedding anniversary dinner
Ate trail food for our 8th wedding anniversary

Made it to New England

'Make Time' & 'COB'
Celebrated the end of another thru-hiker’s journey.

In July:

Vermont & Beginning of the Long Trail
Entered Vermont

We made it to New Hampshire!!!
Made it to New Hampshire

Survived the Whites

Made it to Maine

In August:

Chris Kite Flying on Katahdin Summit!
Summited Katahdin and finished the AT

Saw whales and enjoyed Maine with my mom.

fingerless gloves
Got crocheting again

Made a cake for Zoe

In September:

Went on a Texas Road Trip

Went hot air ballooning!

Saw sea turtles in Port Aransas

In October:

Had a couple Nature in the City posts

Got a job…for awhile at least.

Played in the woods…err, worked!

Made candied apples with the family

In November:

Finished our website!

Went to Caddo Lake

Worked on Thanksgiving. *sucktastic*

In December:

Hung out with Zoe

Christmas at home, the first in seven years

I didn’t do much in December but work and then come home!

Big year—but it needs some more crafting in there!


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