And Summer has arrived.

Holy Moly it is hot! Heat paired with humidity and oof, it is going to be a long summer. In Florida I would’ve hibernated for much of the summer. I remember going a few weeks not mowing our backyard because I just didn’t feel like doing it. The grass would get tall and inch up […]

In Progress | Hollyhock in Pastel

After more than a year and a half hiatus from drawing I’m trying my hand at it again. I’ve been toting around some art supplies every time we went to a project but it had been gnawing at me to do this for awhile. So, here it is. I go back and forth from thinking […]

Swamp Work Part III

Similar posts: Swamp Work & More Swamp Work. More happenings in the woods and swamps of SE Texas: So, I love my job, even when I’m wading in chest deep water. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Luckily we didn’t see any alligators or water moccasins! You know it’s a good day when […]

Sunday ’round here…

Lots of good things I’ve read in the past week or so on the ‘net. Thought I’d share: +Dr. Who Regenerations: A compilation of all of the Dr. Who’s through the years. I’m personally fond of David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. That’s when I first started watching, however sporadically I watch. +Sour Cream and Onion […]

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