Little Lovelies

It’s been awhile since the boys have shown up on the blog. July and early August was hectic with both of them as they battled some kind of intestinal infection for several weeks. Samson, who at his chunkiest was 14-15lbs got down to 7lbs and I could feel the bones in his tail. It was […]

A Change of Scenery

I went back and forth for a few days about cutting my hair. I’d just ooogled at my long hair photos from hiking and thought about growing it out long again. But then I didn’t. I felt the urge for a good hair cut, someone to play with my hair. I don’t know about you, […]

The Shins

The Shins’ Port of Morrow album cover painted on the side of a record shop north of the Seattle Center. I think it was Silver Platters. I have to thank my brother for introducing me to The Shins several years ago, back when I found out about Rilo Kiley. The shop reminded me a little […]

Morning in the Rainforest

A happy accident. I was photographing a stream in the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park and jostled my camera, resulting in this image. I was going to delete it but once I reviewed it in the camera I decided to keep it to see how it really looked on a screen. I love it! […]

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