An Evening Garden Tour

Scarlet creeping thyme…but not very scarlet flowers. Could be mislabeled… Calendula Gaillardia Woodland painted petals While I love walking through our yard and garden at all times of the day, there’s always something different blooming, I think the evening walk throughs are my favorite. Particularly those when the sun is just down in a particular […]

Green Tree Frog

We’re lucky that the area where we live is packed with frogs and toads. As dusk settles in the frog song escalates to new heights and sometime deep in the summertime it’ll be a cacophony of noise that we can hear inside the house. Someday I need to record it to share with y’all. Some […]

On The Potting Bench

The potting bench is a little crowded these days, and I still need to start some more seeds! We have a flat of these jack-in-the-pulpits as well as more in larger containers. Last spring Chris ordered a bunch of the bulbs and they didn’t come up. The dirt ended up being dumped in a big […]

Poison Ivy on Steroids

I first noticed this vine last year, which grows on a pine tree just on the other side of our fence on the neighbor’s property, and had identified it as poison ivy. Chris just noticed it this year and wants to cut the vine, which is within reach of our snippers. It’s a pretty magnificent […]

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