100 Happy Days: Days 24-34

Day 24: Watching The Big Bang Theory after an evening mowing the yard. Day 25: Mr. Stripey playing a game of ‘You Can’t See Me’ as I was working in the yard that evening. Day 26: I love the light that comes through my front windows this time of year. Day 27: A good tomato […]

Janes Scenic Drive Ramble | Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

Zebra longwing butterfly, Heliconius charithonia A weedy but beautiful native, Bidens alba. Firebush, Hamelia patens Northern needleaf bromeliad, Tillandsia balbisiana On our last day of our swamping trek through Fakahatchee Strand back in early March, I spent most of the morning hanging out at the parking area on Janes Scenic Drive at the East Main […]

Star Gazing

Somehow these lilies have evaded the deer this season. I’m not sure how or why, but they did. They tempted me for days with their buds, slowly swelling and then opening up to the beauty that they are. My mom was visiting over the weekend and commented that they looked like Stargazer lilies to which […]

Gladiolus Season

Ok, so the main gladiolus season really was about two weeks ago however there was one plant that just finished blooming and another is about to be my late bloomer in the garden. Like usual though, I’m a little slow in getting around to documenting what’s occurring most currently in the garden. First up is […]

100 Happy Days: Days 8-15

Day 8: Pulled all of the lettuce for the season. Day 9: Harvested the first tomato of the season, a Tomande variety. Day 10: Last minute self portrait before I got into bed. We had our Bradley birth class that night and were exhausted when we got home. Day 11: Oops, I forgot to take […]

Tribute To My Favorite Trails: National Trails Day 2014

Today was National Trails Day and I was unable to get out and enjoy a local trail as we were working on house related activities. I thought I’d take a few minutes and share a photo from some of my favorite hiking trails and areas over the years. The Florida Trail in Ocala National Forest…you […]

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