Tinkering in the Vegetable Garden

With mild weather the last few weeks we’ve been trying to get caught up in the vegetable garden with weeding and planting. Winter offers a good opportunity to grow a variety of vegetables, particularly herbs and leafy greens. Chris transplanted several dill plants that had self seeded throughout the vegetable beds in an effort to […]

In the Kitchen: Making

It’s taken awhile but I am slowly feeling like I can begin doing my old kitchen experiments once again. I may not be getting wild hairs on a Friday night at 8pm to make homemade pasta (done it!) but I feel like I can tackle some small projects in the kitchen once again. Suffice to […]

Currently | Late December

+In My Head Another year is just about over. I’m looking forward to 2016 and moving on from 2015. 2015 was a good year but the first half felt quite heavy. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in 2016 but I do know my parent’s 40th anniversary is in June and my dad turns […]

The Future Gardener

It’s official, we’ve let the toddler loose in the garden! Ok, well, not without some heavy oversight! “No, don’t pull the garlic.” “Mom, how about these radishes?” “Yes, those probably need to be pulled, but just pick the leaves for now.” -Me “Ooh, this dirt-mulch is fun! I wonder what it tastes like?” “These marigolds […]

Compost Bin Update

When we installed the compost bin in early 2013 we knew that because we were using natural, untreated materials that we would eventually face rotting and need to come up with a different design. The compost bin is sill functioning but it is definitely in a state of slow decomposition. We’re going to have to […]

Soul Gardening

Last Friday was our work Christmas party and we were able to go home a few hours early after the festivities. Chris was out of town in southern Louisiana for work, a four day trip that turned into 12 days. The weather was unseasonably warm, low 80s, and so I opted to take advantage of […]

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